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Irum Javed is a beauty expert with over 20 years of experience in hair care, skin care and make-up.  She has earned many international certifications in specialized areas of make-up, aesthetics & spa etc.
Irum is based in New Jersey, but travel all across USA and other countries for beauty consultations, weddings, women leadership retreats and personal branding conferences. Her  international exposure in beauty industry sets her apart from many because she uses the best products available in the market including herbal products.
She has run many beauty segments on TV and radio focusing on the need of self-care not only for working women but for women in general. She has a treasure of knowledge on the effective usage of centuries old & proven benefits of natural products from kitchen shelves; Irum simply makes beauty care affordable by every woman.
Her compassionate personality encourages her clients to seek treatment even of  their very personal skin challenges and gain unmatched confidence. Irum’s magical beauty strokes are complimented with both knowledge and experience that transforms every human being she touches into absolute beauty.
Irum believes that the Almighty has only created beautiful human beings, its our negligence to take care of ourselves that leads to hair or skin challenges but nature has solution for everything only if you are ready to embrace your own beauty and show up in the world with more confidence.

Irum Jawed

Beauty Expert

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