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Nyn Riffat

Business & Leadership Consultant, Guide & Speaker

Guiding people to embrace their own reality with expansive thoughts & actions for a successful life and career.

The biggest thing that hold us from winning big or not been able to live the life we would love to live is our strong belief on our limiting thoughts. We start looking at life from the perspective of lack and thus end up living a life full of disappointment, anger, hatred, frustration and judgement.
Even before we know it, this energy of lack, self-doubt and fear seeps into every area of our lives and we see devastating results in both our personal and professional lives.

It’s when we decide to shift from the space of lack towards pure potentiality, we start believing in ourselves and step up to make our dreams come true. We shift gears from playing victim to champion. When we believe in ourselves, we are ready to navigate the wide spectrum of abundance. We take risks, we become fearless, we aim for winning, we learn, we focus on our goals and in the process we not only find our purpose but also spread our wings to help others to live a better life.

When you choose Nyn to be your guide in your journey towards success:

  • You will be challenged to look beyond your limiting beliefs.
  • You will navigate your strengths and reset your inner compass towards the direction of your dreams.
  • You will emerge as purpose-driven leader & will operate from your zone of genius.
  • You will learn to stay true to your core values while making tough business / executive decisions.
  • You will know yourself, be yourself and put yourself out in the world authentically, unapologetically & powerfully.
  • You will create an influential personal brand to scale-up your business, become an authentic leader and have fulfilling relationships.

Nyn Riffat

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